God Loves Our Mess

Where is Jesus in my mess?

How can I help others see Him in me when my life seems like such a struggle?

How can I make Jesus look good when everything’s falling apart?

When our life seems like a mess, do we add to the mess? Like complain, snappy at our family, cry/pity party, etc?

Speaking for myself… I usually make things worse before they get better! I make myself feel bad and have a pity party about why things are happening or why things are not going like I want! But, what if
they are going exactly like God has planned??

Ummm that's a new way to look at it!! He may have you struggling to teach you something you need to know or to help someone else later on or to allow someone to help you in your time of need!! God is never surprised by our situation! He has a plan and wants us to pray and most of all listen to Him!

So to answer where is Jesus in my mess? He is right where you are!! He knows you better than anyone, your thoughts, your worries, your doubts, etc. BUT He also knows your happiness, strengths and what makes you at peace, JESUS.

To answer How can I help others see Him in me when my life seems like such a struggle? Turn to Him… tell others without Jesus you could not make it through the difficult times! Most people can relate to struggles and love to hear how we prevail!!
Jesus is the answer.

And last How can I make Jesus look good when everything’s falling apart? Jesus looks good no matter what… always remember just when we think things are falling apart… God has them falling into place! We must trust His will even when we don't understand it!!
I hope this has helped just one person today!! Knowing that God is right with you no matter where you are in life!!!

May God bless you and your family!


We are all Custodians 

“Be sure you know the condition of your flocks, give careful attention to your herds” (Proverbs 27:23,24). Livestock in the ancient world was like money in the bank–it was how wealth was stored and power measured. A herd needs careful tending, or it won’t reproduce at the right time. A herd that isn’t reproducing will simply die off in a few years. Have you ever thought that we are all custodians? We are here to take care of the blessings that God gives us! Why do we continue to pray for more and more “stuff”? Are we taking care of what God has giving us and are we being grateful for it? Are we just praying for an upgrade instead of being thankful?  

God gives us so many blessings and we continue to ask for more!! When will we have enough? 

Let’s be more mindful of the blessings we have and use those blessings to help others. God gives them to us for a reason and it’s not to keep asking for more, but to be thankful for what He has already given us! 

So let’s be great custodians of our blessings. Take care of what we have and share them others! Be that light for Christ and more blessings will come without us asking and begging for them! 

“It is liberating to see ourselves more and more as employees in God’s huge, wonderful company. He loves it when we take care of our part of the business”(bible app)
Happy Friday. Much love to each of you!  

God is in Control!

““Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”‭‭Matthew‬ ‭5:11-12‬ ‭NIV‬‬

When others persecute us b/c we are followers of Christ, that really says a lot about them not us! Regardless of what’s being done today in this world does not change the FACT that God is in control! Nothing surprises Him, He knows what is going to happen and in the End God will win! Living in the world is not like a movie or book that we don’t know the ending to yet, all you have to do is read the Bible….. It is life’s guide to to live each day for our Lord! He has paid the price for each of us even the ones that claim not to know Him! He is a merciful God and He gives numerous chances to accept Him as your Lord and Savior! Regardless if you do or not He will still be in control! 

At the end of the day no matter what has happened know that God understands and is always near! If you don’t feel His presence, I can assure you that you are the one that strayed away! He will never leave or forsake us! He is with us for the long haul!! 

Jesus said, I will build my church; and the gates of hell will not prevail against it” Matthew 16:18
My prayer is to apply God’s word to my life daily! To say and think only kind and goodness! For others to see Christ in me, the way I act and treat others not by what I say! Actions speak louder than words! You can talk all day long but if your actions are not in line with them you have not accomplished anything!! 

Happy Wednesday! God bless!!! 

Don’t hate yourself, Love yourself 

Worth the read!!! I did not write this, but wanted to share it! This holds so much truth for us! We put ourselves down so much and why? God created each of us and we are so different in so many ways! STOP comparing ourselves to one another! If you want to compare yourself to someone so you can be a Better YOU, then compare yourself to God! You can then always strive to be better! Hope you enjoy! 
You can’t hate yourself into loving yourself…

You can’t hate yourself into dieting…
You can’t hate yourself into losing weight…
You can’t hate yourself into change…
I know this from personal experience…
I hated myself into a food addiction…
I hated myself into a depression…
I hated myself into an eating disorder…
I was trying to change the way I felt about myself by HATING myself??
It doesn’t even make any sense when I say it outloud…
but It wasn’t UNTIL I decided to have a PROFOUND LOVE for myself, that I was able to make a change.
I LOVED myself into losing weight…
I LOVED myself into making a change…
I LOVED myself into overcoming my food addiction…
I LOVED myself into happiness…
I LOVED myself into the healthy lifestyle that I have and live now.
I literally said to myself, “I’ve been negative to myself for so long – telling myself that I’m a failure & unworthy… so why would I ever be able to make something positive happen out of this negative self sabatoge? I guess it’s worth a shot – of being kind to myself & seeing where that takes me instead…” 
That moment of DECIDING to LOVE MYSELF – 
…even though i didn’t believe it at the time…
…even though I thought it was B.S….

…even though I felt silly Lying to myself…
It Was what Ultimately Changed My Life.
So I want you to change your THOUGHT PATTERNS RIGHT NOW!

Every time you hear yourself talking negatively about yourself…
example: If you’re telling yourself “Ugh. I look fat in this outfit..”
“I look awesome in this outfit! & NO ONE rocks it like I do!”

(cuz it’s actually true, no one is better at being YOU than YOU! & you’re amazing!) By:Kaelin Tuell Poulin

Remember God created us! Would He want us being so negative about something He created? If you want to change yourself ask Him for help!!

Happy Thursday and God bless 

Learning to Pivot

I read an article about marriage! It started out talking about basketball and how you have to be able to pivot! I get that for sports, but what’s that have to do with marriage! It went one to say how we only go in one direction normally a selfish direction, what we need in the moment. However, what if we learn to pivot toward our spouse? What his/her needs are. Marriage take a lot of work and compromise from both sides! It’s more giving than taking! God intended marriage to be full of love, but also sacrifice! We are to love our Spouse as God loves us. We are human and we will make mistakes! When we do we should work through them and not turn against each other! A saying I really like, “fight with your spouse, not against your spouse”. Meaning work together not against each other! You are now ONE, so working together is an absolute Must! So pivoting toward each other and giving attention to one another’s needs and wants must happen!! Being one you must also pivot toward God, when y’all are close together then Y’all are closer to God! God makes a marriage strong in faith, love, hope, compromise, and sacrifices! The world has different views, but God is the one who created it and what it is intended to be!! 

Most of all Love, God did not put stipulations on love! 

Happy Wednesday and God bless! 

Jigsaw Puzzle 

Do you ever feel like a jigsaw puzzle? We have all these pieces going all different directions! Sometimes we don’t know where to start and sometimes they just fall into place! 

We can only put a portion together at a time. Some days are great and then others not so great… We don’t know what piece goes where but when we get a fit… We rejoice with excitement…

The days ahead of you are like a jigsaw puzzle… We struggle to fit it all in the right place at the right time to feel accomplished, but then if we don’t we feel aggravated and irritated! The days may not go in sequence… Something you are dealing with today may be from a long time ago… And Tomo may fit right in with today! Either way always remember God sees the big picture, we only see “the right now”! He is leading us to fit the pieces of our life together for His will! We must let Him guide us! Remember to enjoy the process… Let things go that are out of your control… Focus on God and let Him use you to fulfil his will in our lives.  
Happy Wednesday 

My prayer is for us to love, no matter what because God is love!!!

God bless. 


How much “stuff” do we have? How much more “stuff” do we believe we need to be content? This is my thinking and it is soooo wrong….. Oh if I can just get this, then I will be happy and won’t want anything else…. (Sometimes our wants and needs get confusing) And I am happy for a little while….Then something else comes along and I think the same thing over again…. What are we truly searching for? Happiness, satisfaction, contentment

We most likely have ended up with a house full of “stuff” and we don’t know what to do with all of it? We are searching for our happiness, satisfaction and contentment in all the wrong places. All the stuff in the world will not fulfill these emotions. Not forever anyway… Material things we have is for a short term fix…. 

Why not search for God, he is the only one that can fill an emptiness we are feeling… 

Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. 

Satisfy is to make happy or contented also to meet the needs of.

Contentment is a state of happiness or satisfied.

All 3 of these go hand in hand and only God can truly make us happy, satisfied and content for eternity! 

Through scripture we are commanded to be to be content. Matthew 6:25 is pretty clear about it. 

“Therefore I say unto you, Be not anxious for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than the food, and the body than the raiment?”Matthew 6:25

Over the last week, what have we been focused on? More stuff to have (not meaning needs) “wants” what the world shoves at us thinking we “need” to be happy! Focus on God and what He has for us already, and it’s free for all to have! 

Paul teaches on this 

Contentment comes from having the priority of godliness, not gain, and the perspective of the eternal, not the temporal.

I so needed this today, right now! God is the answer not things of this world and more “stuff” we can fill in our house! On judgement day none of our “stuff” will matter only what’s in our hearts! Let God be there to fulfill that emptiness we have!

Happy Friday and God bless!! 



Love is defined as an intense feeling of deep affection! Some synonyms are adore, worship, endearment, attachment, devotion… Just to name a few!

When I think of the word love, I think of Christ because He is LOVE! I also think of my children and how much I love them and care for them! I try to raise them right, lead them down the right path to Christ (which is LOVE). Christ loves us so much, He gave his only son to die on the cross for us! What greater love is there? 

We use the word “love” too loosely. We say, “Oh, I love those shoes” or “I love that tv show” or “I love that car/truck” or “I love that restaurant” Then we turn right around and say we love Christ! Worldly things are no comparison to Christ. We should be more aware of our words and how we use them! 

Is LOVE a noun or a verb? Hmmm…. It’s both, I can say “I love (verb)Christ,” then I can say, “Christ is love”(noun) both are correct.  Using love as a verb, how do you show others you love them, you can say it all day long, but if you don’t have action to go along with it, will they really believe you? Better question how do we show Christ we love Him? He knows our hearts, so we can’t fool Him! What if God only gave us or done for us according to what we do for Him? Wow that’s food for thought!!! We would all be in s mess. 

Having God’s love daily in our lives shows us His faithfulness to us! He always provides what we need, delivers us from evil and leads us into blessings! All these things are expressions of Christ’s love! (Breakfast with God) 

Happy Sunday and God bless. 


This is all new to me… Sorry if I ramble a lot or make corny jokes and if my grammar isn’t up to par…😉

We take so many blessings for granted! Things that happen without us thinking… For instance breathing, how many times do you sit and think about breathing? Probably not a lot unless you are having trouble with breathing… We just expect to breathe! What about getting up each morning? We probably think about that a little more b/c we don’t want to get up 😐  When we go to sleep at night, we expect to wake up the next morning! What about our senses: seeing, hearing, smell, touch or taste? All these things are blessings from God… The list could go on and on!

My point being God gives us so many blessings and normally we don’t thank Him we expect them… We sit and complain about the things we don’t have.. That’s what we notice… We don’t notice all the things he does for us every second of the day. We are living and breathing each day b/c our expiration date hasn’t come yet! He loves us so much and He wants us to love Him! He doesn’t need our love. God will be God whether we love Him or not, or follow and worship Him or not, but not loving Him and not following Him is our choice, But I can tell you this With OUT Him we are NOTHING!

So, be more aware of our blessings! Thank God more for the little things rather than complaining about what we don’t have! Everyone has struggles… We don’t know who is going through what… Be a blessing to others… Not a burden!

If you’re still with me… Thank you! Hope you can take something From this … God laid it on my heart to share and I plan to apply it to my life also… 🙌🏼🙏🏼

God is good

Be a blessing

March 3, 2016